Lisa presenting the trick

The Great Milk Can Escape is a magic trick first performed by Harry Houdini.

The trick

A magician sinks into a big milk can filled with water. The assistant then locks the top and covers the can. The can is in two halves which slide apart. A magician inside of the can just pushes up and climbs out.


Harry Houdini showed the trick to The Great Raymondo who lated did it himself with his wife and assistant Esther. Because they didn't have children, Raymondo taught Lisa how to do the trick. She then performed it at Springfield Elementary. Unfortunately, she revealed the trick to a boy who appeared to be Cregg Demon's son. Before the "World Magic Championship", Cregg Demon said to reporters that he is going to present "The Great Milk Can Escape" and it was Houdini's ghost who told him how in a dream. However, Pen Jillette, Ricky Jay, Teller and David Copperfield switched the trick milk can with a regular milk can to kill Demon, because he stole all their best tricks. Raymondo eventually saved Demon from the can. Demon then decided to run for Parliament in Canada.