The Girl Code
Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles

Cultural References

  • The title is a possible reference to the MTV Series "Girl Code."
  • Homer mentions both Siri and Amazon when asking for a beer delivered by a drone.
  • Quinn has a sudo tattoo.
  • Conrad said to Lisa for her not to ignore him like an update from Adobe. That is a reference to some Adobe programs which had updates so often that they started to be ignored by many people.
  • The "Springfield" intro is a reference to the opening sequence from Silicon Valley.
  • Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers makes a cameo appearance when Lisa was showing Homer the pictures analyzed by Conrad.
  • A character similar to Steve Wozniak and his dog appears at the AppCrush convention.
  • FacelOOk is a reference to Facebook.


  • This is the second episode where Lisa develops something related to a social media website. The first was The D'oh-cial Network.
  • This is the first episode to air in 2016.
  • Lisa's blue highlight on her hair makes her resemble her non-canon future daughter, Zia Simpson.
  • The SWOT analysis on the bulletin board on the wall behind Lisa on "What if computers ran the world?" has a card reading "No more religion" in each one of the sectors. Matt Groening is purported to be an atheist.
  • The text on the mainframe when Lisa first walks over is the command line help from the microcontroller flashing utility avrdude.


  • Two thousand drachmas would be worth $6.39, not $0.
    • Euro was the currency in Greece at the time of this episode so 2000 drachmas were worth no dollar.
  • At the first coding class, Lisa was sitting behind Cosine, but when the kids were mocking Quinn because of her gender, Lisa was replaced by a tan-skinned boy with a cyan sweater. In later scenes, she is still sitting behind Cosine and the boy is beside her.

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