Whiskey Business
The Fabulous Faker Boy
The Saga of Carl


  • This is Patrick Stewart's second episode on the Simpsons.
  • Bart claims to be "almost eleven", even though the characters don't age.
  • Homer last lost hair in Itchy & Scratchy Land and Simpson Tide.
  • This is the third musical instrument Bart's attempted to play. The first was Electric Guitar in The Otto Show and the drums in Jazzy And The Pussycats.
  • This is the second episode in which Chief Wiggum wears jeans. The first one was in "The Springfield Connection".
  • The title is play on the movie "The Fabulous Baker Boys." 
  • This is the first HD episode to feature Lisa's classic "Simpsons theme" sax solo in the opening. 


  • At the end of the couch gag, when Homer says “Hey, put the chicken one back", his "lip decal" doesn't appear.
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