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The Fabulous Faker Boy
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"The Fabulous Faker Boy" is the twentieth episode of Season 24.


Marge encourages Bart to explore his creative side and take music lessons and Bart develops a crush on his beautiful piano teacher, Zhenya. To pay for Bart's music lessons, Marge agrees to be Slava's driving instructor. Homer is shocked when he loses the last two remaining hairs on his head and Patrick Stewart teaches Homer how to live with his newfound baldness. Justin Bieber tries to get into a talent show that Bart is playing piano and they won't admit him.

Full Story

Marge is at Bart's school and in a conference with Principal Skinner, where they discuss about Bart's future. Skinner suggests that Bart should take music lessons.

While Homer is shaving his mustache, he finds what he believes to be a cork that is blocking the pipe, causing a lot of water to overflow in the sink. He realizes that, instead of a cork, his hair was blocking the pipe and frantically tries to put it back on his head. It fails and the hair goes back into the basin. He tries to stick them back on, without success. He resorts to wearing various hats and wigs to cover up his now-bald head.

Marge suggests that Bart takes music lessons from Lisa, Sideshow Mel, Comic Book Guy and Professor Frink, but chooses Zhenya, a Russian piano teacher whom Bart quickly develops a crush on. Bart later starts to perform better (with the help of a CD). Zhenya explains the actual reason for teaching piano: her father, Slava, wants to learn how to drive. Bart feels neglected soon after, and at a recital, he explains to Marge that he was faking piano playing the entire time.

Marge is displeased at Bart until she learns that Slava obtained his driver's license by bribing Patty and Selma (although it was a bigger reaction when he tells her that Russian dressing is just thousand island). Slava convinces Marge to forgive Bart, and she does.

Later that night, Homer explains to Marge that he lost his last two hairs. She comforts him, and his hairs grow back.



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