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The Fabulous Faker Boy
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The Fabulous Faker Boy
The Fabulous Faker Boy Promo 1
Episode Number 528
Production Code RABF13
Original Airdate May 12, 2013
Couch Gag Robot Chicken couch gag
Special Guest Voices Justin Bieber as himself
Jane Krakowski as Zhenya
Bill Hader as Slava
Patrick Stewart as himself
Written By Brian McConnachie
Directed By Bob Anderson

"The Fabulous Faker Boy" is the twentieth episode of Season 24 that aired on May 12, 2013.

Synopsis Edit

Marge encourages Bart to explore his creative side and take music lessons and Bart develops a crush on his beautiful piano teacher, Zhenya. To pay for Bart's music lessons, Marge agrees to help Zhenya's father Slava to drive so he can get his own driver's license. Meanwhile, Homer is shocked over that he lost the last two remaining hairs on his head and a co-worker portrayed by Patrick Stewart teaches Homer how to live with his newfound baldness. Justin Bieber tries to get into a talent show where Bart is playing piano and they won't admit him.[1]

Full StoryEdit

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The episode starts at Principal Skinner's office with Marge and Principal Skinner. They, at first, talk about Nelson Muntz. A lady gives Skinner a blank piece of paper and Skinner then gets squirted with ink on his face. Marge and Principal Skinner then talks about the future of Bart. He suggests that Bart should take music lessons. Skinner says that he took flamenco lessons. He goes cuckoo in his office as Marge slowly leaves the room.

While Homer was shaving his moustache, he thinks that a cork was blocking the pipe, causing a lot of water in the sink. He realizes that, instead of the cork, his hair was blocking the pipe and frantically tries to put it back on his head. It fails and the hair goes back into the basin. He tries to stick them back on, without success.

Marge suggests that Bart takes music lessons from Lisa, Sideshow Mel, Comic Book Guy and Professor Frink, but chooses Zhenya, who says that his tongue is quick unlike his 'sausage fingers'.

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