The Diversity Kittens on Meltingpot Mountain is a movie for children.


Bart took Charlie to the Aztec Theater. They were too young to watch Sever V, so Bart paid for the tickets to The Diversity Kittens, tricking the Squeaky-Voiced Teen to believe they were going to see it. However, they actually saw Sever V.

Homer bought the DVD of the movie to keep his children happy on the raft trip. However, he mixed it up with Drunk Girls Who Signed Waivers, that he had bought for the nuclear regulators. He hadn't noticed it until one of the regulator disliked the Diversity Kittens. Meanwhile, Bart was watching Drunk Girls. Homer quickly swapped the DVDs, let Bart to watch the Diversity Kittens.


A Jewish cat and a cat in a wheelchair are talking about a ball of yarn with all the colors in and that yarn should be allowed to marry dental floss. A several couples of paired objects then go though the "Tunnel of Tolerance".