A Tree Grows in Springfield
The Day the Earth Stood Cool
To Cur, with Love

Cultural References

  • The name of the episode is an obvious reference to the 1952 and 2008 films "The Day The Earth Stood Still".
  • Lisa's last sentence "No matter where you go I will find you" is a reference to the movie "The Last of the Mohicans".
  • In T-Rex's room, he has a banner of English football club West Ham United. Although for some reason, the colours of the badge are green and gold instead of red and blue.
  • Disco Stu wears a Daft Punk helmet and he says "Disco Stu has found a new thing" in a robotic voice. The helmet is Thomas Bangalter's Helmet.
  • The people that came to the Springfield were called "cool", but they seemed to dress and act like "hipsters".
  • The satirical newspaper that Marge picks up is "The Onion."
  • One of the posters Bart and Lisa put up is "Rockshow," a possible reference to "The Rock Show" by Blink-182.
  • T-Rex mentions having a Tumblr page dedicated to posers.
  • As Bart and T-Rex begin fighting, the band plays the fight music from Star Trek.
  • The Decemberists appear as Springfield Charter Co-Op Experiment's new music teachers. Singer Colin Meloy asking who wants to "learn a song about press gangs and infanticide" refers to their 2009 song "The Rake".


  • There is no opening sequence in this episode. Marking this as the 9th episode to not have the Couch Gag, Billboard Gag and the Chalkboard Gag.
  • This is the second episode where people from a different area move to Springfield which effects the entire area. The first was Coming to Homerica.
  • Before this episode came out in The Simpsons: Tapped Out players could build the Cool Brown House for their Springfield for a limited time.
  • Terrence and Emily hire a tattoo artist for T-Rex's birthday party even though it is illegal for children to get tattoos.

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