Enter the Cheatrix
The Day of the Dolphin
Shadow of the Colossal Donut

Captain Horatio McCallister: Aye, I had a great time today kids. I almost never appear this much in the series. (Bart and Lisa go "huh"?) Of events. That constitute your lives.

Lisa Simpson

In certain parts of the level

  • What an abysmal place!
  • So here's King Snorky! Huh, "king"! How patriarchal!

Fighting enemies

  • I'm embarrassed to share a violent cause.
  • Come on, I don't want to hurt you!
  • You want a fight?! Well, come and get it!
  • (gasps) They have evolved and learnt to shoot!
  • This is a people place and we will defend it!
  • I'm an animal too and I have a right response!
  • Get 'em, Bart - but gently!
  • I'll fight to protect my genes, you dolphins!
  • That's it, I'm not petting you!
  • Oh no! Projectiles!!

Bart Simpson

In certain parts of the level

  • I wish I went to more field trips!
  • We're at the pier. I've got to get a caricature of me rollerblading.
  • I found a fly on my caramel apple here once...
  • I totally barfed on a ride here once...
  • An old man showed me his junk on the boardwalk: you know, like tintops and lamps, junk.
  • An aquarium! Oh no, this place is...educational!

Fighting enemies

  • Here come the dolphins!
  • Use your pagan powers! Flick 'em Lis!
  • What could a dolphin have against a person?
  • Watch out: they look angry!
  • Where did they get these awesome guns?
  • Come and get it sea freaks!
  • Go squeak yourself!
  • Remember: all dolphins are slow killers!
  • Why don't you come over and fight like a...dolphin!
  • Oh yeah, squeak you too.
  • Dolphins are way smarter than an idiot like me.
  • Why did mankind conserve you?!!
  • You're supposed to entertain us! Not attack us!
  • Way to kick dolphins' butts, Lisa! Do they have butts?
  • Yeah, yeah, squeaky squeaky!
  • 4, 2, 6, Lisa creams another porpoise!
  • I'm going to sell you to the Japanese to turn you into weird sushi!
  • I hope you get caught in a six-pack!

Captain Horatio McCallister

  • Yee can walk like a man, but yee can never ride a bike! Yar-har!
  • Yee scurvy dogs! Uh, I mean yee scurvy dolphins! Sorry, sorry.
  • Eat my 'poon! Harpoon, that is, heh heh heh!

King Snorky


  • When Snorky comes swimming again, hurrah, hurrah!
  • Oh yeah, I'm really scared of water!
  • You're bad at this, landie scum.
  • Mermaids await you in Paradise, my pets!
  • I'm not scared, I fought in the Narwhal Wars!

Ordering his minions

  • Shoot, damn you, for God and ocean!


  • I'm dying, ma! I'm dying!
  • Argh!! My flippers!! My flukes!!!
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