"The Complete Sixth Season" was released on August 16, 2005 in North America, September 28, 2005 in Australia and October 17 2005 in the UK and Ireland. It contains all 25 episodes from season six. The recurring style of the booklet that came with each box set was discontinued, instead being incorporated into the theme of the box. The spine features Mr Burns and Chief Wiggum, for the first time being on both the outer and inner casings, as was to continue through to season ten. The Sixth Season's overall theme is "Who Shot Mr. Burns?", the first ever Simpsons cliffhanger, while the booklet theme is that of a police investigation file. The menus continue the format from The Complete Fifth Season. The 'window' in the outer box that shows the inner casing was carried on from the couch gag sets to the regular-shaped box sets for the sixth through tenth seasons. For the Sixth Season the window is Homer's eye through the magnifying glass, which shows through to a picture of Homer's face.


Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4


Bonus features

  • Commentary on all episodes.
  • Deleted scenes.
  • Springfield's Most Wanted TV special.
  • Commercials.
  • The Simpsons promotional plane footage.
  • Animation showcases.
  • Special language feature on "Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part 1)" in four languages: French, Spanish, Czech, and Russian.

Easter eggs

  • On all episode menus, you can highlight the episode number after you watched at least one second of the episode. Usually it will just continue, but on "Treehouse of Horror V," you will see an eye peek through the logo that says "Season Six Disc One." Also, on "Who Shot Mr. Burns (part one)" some gun shots will appear through the menu.
  • A drawing of the Simpsons' house made out of squirrels (a cut scene from "Treehouse of Horror V") can be accessed by highlighting the 'Play All Deleted Scenes With Commentary' option from the Extras menu of Disc 4, pressing Right, and selecting the pencil icon.
  • If you watch the episode "Fear of Flying" with the audio commentary, after the episode is complete there is a short memorial for guest star Anne Bancroft, who died just before the boxset was released, by David Mirkin.

Box controversy

The new design model for Season 6 has sparked controversy among Simpsons DVD collectors. Most do not have a problem with the box itself, the problem stems from the fact that a sense of uniformity in the DVD collection is now lost. However, there have also been complaints that the plastic is weak and tends to wear down quickly.

A flyer included in the set directs purchasers to a website which allows those disaffected with the "Homer's Head" design to receive (for $2.95 US or $4.95 CA shipping) a box for the season which will be uniform. The website (and flyer inside the DVD set) is vaguely and humorously insulting to consumers who are "afraid of change" and are "anal-retentive nerds who want their DVD boxes to line up on the shelf."

It was announced on August 25 2005 that the UK release on October 17 2005 would have two covers - the Homer head would be limited edition and only 50,000 would be released. The alternate cover art was speculated to also be the USA alternative cover art. Copies of the alternative box began arriving to the USA in late September 2005, and it was indeed the black 'Homer magnifying glass' box. However, there have still been complaints - the fact that it doesn't have a couch gag, that the 'Homer head' innards must be placed inside, thus it is different from past sets, the fact that the box falls apart easily and that, overall, it is not an "old-style just-like-before box" as the flyer quoted. Recent copies of the Season 6 box set are issued using the regular box configuration, though with better build quality and normal box innards that match those of other seasons. However the old-showing box was re-released on June 26th, 2007.

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