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A Father's Watch
The Caper Chase
Looking for Mr. Goodbart

The Caper Chase is the eighteenth episode of Season 28.[3]


Mr. Burns goes to Yale and discovers, much to his horror, how politically correct it is. So he starts his own college, Burns University, which is similar to another billionaire’s university you might have heard of lately[4][5], and Homer is hired as a professor.


A softball match between the Indian Point Nuclear team and the Springfield Nuclear team is being prepared. After Homer collapses on the field, Mr. Burns and the other coach talk about the nuclear energy and how it is never going to end.

Mr. Burns goes to Yale University to collect a new generation of nuclear workers for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. However, when he meets them, they refuse because they say that their students are highly entitled wusses. Burns finds out that not only how politically Yale University is (much to his horror), but also that running an university can make a lot of money and refuses to fund it. Later, he enters the Skull and Bones Society, and meets Bourbon Verlander, a member of the society. While meeting him, Burns discovers how much a university can make, and makes a deal with him.

Back at the power plant, Burns burns all of the Yale University stuff and says to Homer, Lenny and Carl that he will start a new university after imagining what it'll be like to run his own for-profit college with what his college's graduation ceremony would be like. Eventually, Mr. Burns and Smithers watch a newly made commercial for Burns University, his university, and after watching it, Burns chuckles about the ad's slogan and asks Smithers if "the full Monty" has some sort of naughty double meaning. Smithers claims that only their faculty could be hired so easily, but Burns exclaims that they already have a faculty, and it turns out to be the power plant employees that are also the teachers Burns chose for his university.

Meanwhile, the family congratulates Homer getting hired as a professor at Burns University, and Homer exclaims that he'll be giving lectures on what he does at work after Bart asks what he'll be teaching. He then asks Homer about what he does at work, and he says that he does the "button stuff". Marge then reminds him if he has prepared a reading list, but Homer thinks that he has to read, so Marge corrects him that the reading list is for the students, much to Homer's happiness. Bart then asks him what he is actually gonna say to them, and Homer says that he'll start telling them about the life cycle of an atom. However, Lisa starts drinking out of a wine glass, and she, while drunk, tells Homer that a college education is important, and tells Marge that it's her only hope for getting her out of her "pardon me", causing a mad Marge to tell Lisa to go to bed after she called her "Mom dump".

Lisa then tells Homer that she believes in higher education, he is a teacher, and if he makes a joke out of it, he is crushing her only hope. Bart points out to Homer that as the good kid here, Lisa's acting very badly for shame. Homer then tells Lisa that his professor money is going into her college fund, and Lisa thinks it's good, so she asks how much is in it now. Homer then says that it depends on what they do with Grampa after he dies, causing Grampa to yell that they should burn him, and Homer thinks that's the most expensive option he's considering.

The next day, Mr. Burns opens up his university, and tells the students to not park at Del Taco, where Jimbo and Dolph are there waiting as security guards. Burns then says that their motto is "Ut uberiores divites". One student complains that the motto means "The rich get richer", making Burns expel the students after he tells them that Burns University doesn't need Latin-translating troublemakers. Later, Lenny and Carl are at the university's break room, and Lenny asks Carl when he'll throw his graduate cap, but Carl says that Lenny's a professor so he can't throw it and in fact, hardly ever wear it. But, Lenny had his cap custom made that says "End apartheid now", causing Carl to say that his apartheid's over, and Lenny throws the cap, which worked.

Meanwhile, Homer begins his first day as a professor, thinking that copying is so hard. But, it turns out that his first day as a professor is rough because Homer doesn't know what to teach his class, causing some students to get very confused. In order to be alone and talk to himself about the troubles of his teaching, Homer sends his class outside after saying that it's a beautiful day. Sad, Homer says to himself that he's totally unqualified, and he doesn't even know how to get outside from teaching.

At Moe's Tavern, after Moe asks what's wrong with Homer, Lenny and Carl say that he doesn't know what to teach his class and that he's just not cut out to be a pedagogue.

Later, Lisa comes by Homer after she heard him saying to himself about what it's like to fail at something, so she helps Homer become a better professor by offering him a DVD boxset of inspirational teacher movies for him to watch and take notes. After watching them, Homer gets much better at teaching, so Burns decides to sell him to Bourbon and let him work for him at his private estate.

Meanwhile, after he arrives at the private estate, Homer is introduced to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings, financial educator Suze Orman, and screenwriting guru Robert McKee by Bourbon. He then tells Homer, Neil, Ken, Suze, and Robert that they must face the greatest challenge of their lives: to teach robots with artificial intelligence. At first, it starts out normal, but it turns out that Bourbon is creating an army of robots so advanced that they can get student loans, will attend the universities he's been buying up, and funnel billions of taxpayer dollars to him, much to Homer's shock. He tells them that as Americans, it's their duty to either stop evil billionaires or elect them to the highest office.

6 months later, the robots are all up to their polyurethane necks in debt and are heading to Yale University, but Homer arrives in a schoolgirl costume and asks if he will see Bourbon at the last minute saving the day, but Bourbon thinks it's too clichéd. Back at Yale University, at Bourbon's integration, he says that the robots had blended right in, they've got 12 productions of The Crucible going on, and the deepest Division III women's lacrosse team the world has ever seen. However, Homer says to himself that they're perfect students in every way and it's their weakness, so he takes off his schoolgirl costume and puts on a robot mask made out of a box. He then ruins the integration by acting like a robot, but the robots think that he's offensive, causing them to malfunction and explode, much to Bourbon's horror. Homer then wonders how much will it cost if Lisa applies in 10 years, and it'll be 2,000 dollars, which is actually the application fee.

Eventually, Neil deGrasse Tyson starts teaching Lisa astrophysics, Ken Jennings starts teaching Bart mathematics, and Suze Orman starts teaching Marge financial services. Robert McKee then comes in and closes the show.



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