Grade School Confidential
The Canine Mutiny
The Old Man and the Lisa


  • In this episode Bart attempts to retrieve Santa's Little Helper who is used as a guide dog without being caught. The blackboard gag for Whacking Day implies that Bart was caught stealing a guide dog (or borrowed it and wasn't going to bring it back).
  • The song played at the party during the end credits is "Jamming" by Bob Marley.

Cultural References

  • The episode's name is a play on the classic maritime novel and war film The Caine Mutiny.
  • A clip from this episode The Canine Muntiny is seen in the 2004 movie Garfield where Garfield changing channel, it shows Santa's Little Helper From The Simpsons.
  • The premise of a human character using the family pet's name to get a credit card was used on a season three episode of the FOX sitcom Married...With Children (with the only plot difference being that Al and Peg eventually did get caught for credit card fraud, but only had their stuff impounded and Al working in a hotel to pay off the room service charges after the bank discovered that they sent a credit card approval letter to Buck, the family dog).
  • According to the DVD commentary, the Repo Depot is loosely based on the building from the movie Repo Man.
  • Homer receives a magazine in the mail, entitled Car Toons and featuring a cover illustration of a hot rod driven by a monster, in the style of Ed Roth.


  • When Fat Tony, Legs and Louie dump something rolled up in a rug into a hole, and Legs says to Bart "We didn't see nothin' if you didn't see nothin'", he has Louie's voice.
  • After Maggie has oatmeal dumped on her head and Homer puts her back in the high chair, the oatmeal is gone.
  • Chief Wiggum kicks down the blind man's door. But when the shot moves to outside the house as the other officers arrive the door is back in place, and merely opened.
  • At the heroic dog scene, Laddie is not wearing a collar, however when he receives the medal he is wearing it.

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