• This is Milhouse's first appearance in any The Simpsons media. He was created for this short.
  • There is an alternate version of this commercial. The differences between the two versions can be found in two parts of the commercial:
    • In the middle of the original commercial, Bart says, "The Butterfinger Group provides the crunchy peanut butter and chocolate-y taste essential for survival." While he says this, a cutaway is shown of a Butterfinger bar slowly breaking in half to show the peanut butter inside. In the revised version, Bart's line has completely redone, now saying "The Butterfinger Group has the chocolate-y, crisp-ity, peanut butter-y taste essential for survival." Meanwhile, the Butterfinger cutaway has changed to new footage of the bar (this time in a wrapper) breaking in half (this time making a sound effect), repeating itself when Bart says the words "crisp-ity" and "peanut".
    • At the end of the commercial, Bart bites his Butterfinger and swallows it, while an announcer says, "Peanut butter-y Butterfinger." The camera then cuts to a close up a Butterfinger wrapper and zooms out to show it whole. Bart exclaims, "It's neat-o!" The announcer laughs a little before saying, "And it's neat-o." In the alternate version of the commercial, there's no announcer, and Bart bites into his Butterfinger. The commercial then cuts to a Butterfinger wrapper laying on the ground with the words, "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!" appear overhead, with Bart reading the words. The commercial cuts back to Bart swallowing the Butterfinger.