The Book of Moe is a book which is part of the Simpsons Library of Wisdom and was published in 2008. It focuses on the life of Moe Szyslak, the bartender at Moe's Tavern, in Springfield.


The book contains the following sections:

  • Moe's Top 40
  • Moe's Bottom 40
  • A Day in the Life of Moe
  • Love-matic Grampa cartoons
  • Memories of Moe
  • Ask Moe
  • Thanks, Moe! Sober advice to the somewhat inebriated
  • Character Locations of:
    • Moe's Swingin' Bachelor Pad
    • Moe's Bachelor Refrigerator
    • Moe's Closet
    • Behind the Bar
    • The Moe-cedes Benz
  • Homer's map to a boys night out
  • Staring into the void
  • It Never Ends script
  • Poetry in Moe-tion
  • Perfect Dates, Perfect Moe-ments
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