The Shell Game
The Bart Simpson Show
Punching Bag
Homer: What the hell are you kids watching?
Lisa: It's Itchy & Scratchy.
Bart: Our favorite show.
Homer: Well, you're not watching it. (Homer gets the remote and turns the television off)
Bart: Aw, Dad!
Lisa: Come on, Homer!
Homer: Nope. It's too violent. Go do something else. (Homer runs away)
Lisa: Now I'm really bored.
Bart: I know. (Bart unplugs the TV, removes the TV screen, then places some curtains in the TV screen) Da-da-da-da-da-da-daaaa! It's the Bart Simpson Show, starring Bart Simpson! Featuring The Bart Simpson Orchestra and The Bart Simpson Dancers! (Lisa and Maggie clap) And now, here's the star of our show, Bart Simpson! (Lisa and Maggie clap once again) Thanks, Ed. Funny things happened on the way to the studio tonight. I ran over my Dad's head on my bike.
Homer: I thought I told you kids not to watch violent TV.
Lisa: It's stupid, but it's not violent.
Bart: Oh, yeah?!
Homer: Bart? (Homer pauses for 3 seconds and looks at the TV screen) Why you little!
Bart: Whoa, gotta run! Good night folks! HUP! (Maggie opens the curtains to reveal Homer strangling Bart on his neck, and then Bart strangling Homer back) (Lisa and Maggie clap once more)

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