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The Ballad of Cylinder Head

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"The Ballad of Cylinder Head" is a song sung by Mary Spuckler to Bart. Bart joins in after


Mary Spuckler:
A boy I knew turned up again,
I kinda liked him way back when,
Chased him 'round the livestock pen-
Bart Simpson:
Rollin' on my skateboard, Pimpin' like a drug lord.
Mary Spuckler:
Well I'm on the cusp of womanhood,
And I like a boy that ain't no good.
At nothing, 'cept making me smile,
That's Bart.
I thought my old ways I had shed,
But I sure missed his cylinder head.
Now that boy is a-come to me, oh yes.
B-A-R, now where's that "T"?
Where is it? I don't know.
Oh, that's Bart!


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