The Closet
The Aquarium
Family Portrait
Homer: Stick close by, kids, and I'll explain everything you need to know about the briny deep.
Lisa: [with reverence] I want to see a giant squid attack a sperm whale and battle to the death.
Bart: I want to swim free with the fishes, I brought my lucky red swim trunks.
Homer: All right, can the chatter and listen up. Here, we have the hideous Moray eel. And over here, we have the tasty but repulsive sea bass.
Lisa: [points offscreen] Yuck. What the hell is that?
Homer: BART!
Bart: Come on in. The water's fine.
[End of Act One.)

Homer: [pointing at Bart] BOY, YOU COME OUT OF THE TANK RIGHT NOW!
Lisa: Do some tricks, Bart!
Lisa: Oh!
Homer: [grumbles] Stop that. It only encourages him.
Lisa: Ah!
Lisa: Dad, you gotta see this.
Homer: AHH!
[End of Act Two.)

Lisa: Bart should be coming up for any minutes now. Look! I see something!
Homer: [sadly] Lucky red swimming trunks
Lisa: [sadly] Well, the trunks were lucky even if Bart wasn't.
Bart: I'll take those. Thank you very much.
Homer: [trying to contain his anger] Bart... Come over here...
Bart: I'd like to accomodate you, Homer, but I'm afraid it's safer in here.
[End of Act Three.)

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