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The Amazing Colossal Homer

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The Amazing Colossal Homer
Bart Simpson's Creepy Crawly Tales: "The Collector"
The Amazing Colossal Homer
Simp Com1 US
Released November, 1993
Comic Series Simpsons Comics
Countries USA, England
Price $2,25
Well, boy --
How big am I?
Homer Simpson

The Amazing Colossal Homer is the 1st comic story of Simpsons Comics published in the first issue, Simpsons Comics 1.


Homer becomes a giant after being hit with a growth ray.

Plot Edit

Bart congratulates Homer on weighing 263 lbs, a new record, which Homer is annoyed at. Marge brings in "some nice fluffy towels right out of the dryer", but then stops to ask what Bart is doing. He says he's reading the scale as Homer, currently eating a cookie, can't see past his belly. Marge is disappointed as he's been snacking again, and he asked him not to eat the cookies in the cookie jar. He protests saying he couldn't resist those little bow ties with pink frosting on the top. Marge tells him they were actually hourglasses for Patty and Selma.


  • The cover is a parody of a cover from the first Fantastic Four Comic with some similar stances.
  • The title is a parody of the 1957 science fiction film The Amazing Colossal Man.
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