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The Terwilliger Family are one of the main antagonists of the TV Series and is one of the many families who are native to Springfield.


The immediate Terwilliger family consists of three members: Gino Terwilliger, and his parents, Robert Terwilliger and Francesca Terwilliger. Robert Terwilliger got married with Selma Bouvier, but he divorced her. The Terwilliger family are best known for growing a strong hatred towards the Simpson family and they hate the Simpsons so much that they want to kill them.

Extended Family Members

Other members include Cecil Terwilliger, Neil Terwilliger, Dame Judith Underdunk and Robert Terwilliger Sr.. Robert Terwilliger Sr. got married with Dame Judith Underdunk and had two kids, Cecil Terwilliger and Robert Terwilliger (the head of the family). Robert Terwilliger got married with Francesca Terwilliger and had one kid, Gino Terwilliger. Gino Terwilliger has one cousin: Neil Terwilliger.

Family Member Gallery

Family Tree

Robert Terwilliger Sr.
Dame Judith Underdunk
Unknown Woman
Cecil Terwilliger
Sideshow Bob
Francesca Terwilliger
Neil Terwilliger
Gino Terwilliger

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