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Telephone numbers in The Simpsons

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Here are many of the different telephone numbers from The Simpsons.

Number Name/Address
(800) 555-0000   Moe Szyslak's "That's right. I'm a surgeon" Number
555-0001 C. Montgomery Burns
555-0078 Ruff-form Dog School
(636) 555-0113 C. Montgomery Burns
(939) 555-0113 742 Evergreen Terrace
555-1000 Sleep-Eazy Motel
555-1239 Moe's Tavern
555-1680   Marital Street Hotline
555-2253 Someone in Springfield Phone Book
555-2362 Cathy Neu
555-2362 Susan Newhall
555-2600 3rd, 4th, 5th Floor For Lease
555-2668 New York Parking Violation Bureau
555-2849 Canine Therapy Institute
555-3226 Mr. Plow
555-3226 Pretzel Wagon
555-3642 Dr. Julius Hibbert
555-3652 Jennifer Neu
555-3700 Marvin Monroe
555-3872 Sugar Truck
555-4344 Bob Newhall
555-4468 Someone in Springfield Phone Book
555-4796 Plow King
555-5246 The Nuclear Powerplant
555-5299 Lionel Hutz
555-5543 Jeb Neu
555-5680 NY Metro
555-5782 Prof John Frink's Lab
555-6258 742 Evergreen Terrace
555-6312 Earn Cash For Your Teeth
555-6425  ???
555-6542 Timothy Lovejoy
555-6832 742 Evergreen Terrace
555-7201 Canine College
555-7246 Radio Psychaiatrist
555-7334 Homer Simpson (work)
555-7666 Jack Neu
555-7823 Someone in Springfield Phone Book
555-7878 Someone in Springfield Phone Book
555-8396 Allison Neu
555-8628 7th, 8th, 9th Floors for Lease
555-8628 MAD Magazine
555-8707 The Simpsons' residence
555-8752 Ken Neu
555-8821 Otto Mann's "How's my Driving"
555-8848 Someone in Springfield Phone Book
555-8904 Ned Flanders
555-8997 Someone in Springfield Phone Book
555-9716 Santitarium for Dogs
555-9753 Someone in Springfield Phone Book
555-9972 Toby Muntz
555-9973 Richard Newhall
555-9996 Richard Nash
555-BOOT City of New York Parking Violation Bureau
555-HUGS Family Therapy Center
555-NICK Nick Riviera
555-PAIN Marvin Monroe's radio therapy show
555-PIZA Original Famous Ray's Pizza
555-DOIT Cookie Kwan
1-600-DOCTORB Dr Nick's "B"argain Medical Services
1-800-U-SQUEAL America's Most Armed and Dangerous hotline.
764-8437[7] Moe Szyslak (phone number spells SMITHERS, last number is extraneous)

Krusty the Clown calls this in "Like Father, Like Clown"

(555) X-TERM-N-8 Animal Control
011612 Crocodile Drunkee's
011465 Inga-bar Beerman's