Maggie in Peril: The Thrilling Conclusion
TV Simpsons
Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Lisa: Hey do you mind?

Bart: We happen to be watching this very educational cartoon.

Homer: Yeah well not anymore you aren't the big tournaments on.
Bart: Aw come on man.
Homer: Nope now beat it.
Lisa: What are we supposed to do?
Homer: Why don't you go and fly a kite.
(Homer notices the TV is not working, and then looks outside to see the issue)
Lisa: Uh oh.
Homer: D'oh!
Bart: Sorry Homer.

(Homer is trying to remove the kite, but he loses it and rips the kite up angry then falls off the roof)
Bart: Perfecto, Homer!
(Scratchy falls and hits the fourth wall of the TV. Lisa and Bart laughs)

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