Sylvia is the wife of Alberto and the mother of Ruthie.


She and Alberto met at Kozy Kabins after Alberto took Marge there for the night and Sylvia took Homer there for the night, despite Marge and Homer both being married to each other. When Homer sees Marge's silhouette through the cabin window, Marge tells Alberto to hide in a chest at the end of the bed. Homer drags the chest outside and when he sees Sylvia he stuffs her in the chest as well, resulting in Alberto and Sylvia meeting. Five years on and it's the present day. Homer, Marge and the kids have arrived at Kozy Kabins once again and they see Alberto, Sylvia and Ruthie. They thank Homer and Marge for not seducing them otherwise they would never have met, despite the fact that Sylvia was in attendance at Alberto's party, which is where they met Homer and Marge.

Alberto and sylvia

Alberto and Sylvia in the present day