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Fictional Biography

The Superior Squad is a fictional organisation resembling the Avengers and Justice League. It consists of Radioactive Man, Captain Squid, Bug Boy, Plasmo The Mystic, Lure Lass, Weasel Woman and Purple Heart/Purple Badge Of Courage and sometimes Purple Haze.

The squad can all communicate remotely with each other through signal rings, although Plasmo uses the Eldritch Emerald on his chest.

Although the group worked together effectively for decades, they eventually came under fire from Richard Nixon, who—through his allies Dr. Crab, Ronald Reagan, and the Bonfire Club—tried to discredit the superheroes in the eyes of the public. The group weathered this crisis by going underground and working in spite of the law. However, they would break up the next decade when a fake-eyelash magnate bought them out and tried to make them a purely corporate, merchandising-based entity. Purple Heart—now calling himself "Bloody Heart"—took some of the other members and left to form their own hero-owned group (a reference to the formation of Image Comics), leaving Radioactive Man without a team to rely on.


The Superior Squad is primarily funded by multi-millionaire Miles Mando(A.K.A. Purple Heart) through Mando Industries.

Superior Squadron

The Superior Squad actually started out as the Superior Squadron, a group of wartime heroes akin to the Invaders. Radioactive Man's progenitor Radio Man led the group. Other members included Lure Lass, Purple Heart, Black Angus, and Captain Squid (who didn't go to Europe with the rest but instead went on some undersea adventures).