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Super Star is a song by Lisa and Lady Gaga, with a spoken line by Milhouse and some citizens as chorus. It was written by Tim Long and appeared in the episode "Lisa Goes Gaga".


I used to think that I was stupid,
Worthless, weak and wrong,
A mockingbird without a song.
I was small inside,
And lacking pride,
On a one-way train to be Milhouse's bride.
End the song! End it right here!
I love NPR and jazz guitars,
Someday, I'll design a solar car.
That's right, I'm Lisa Simpson, superstar.
Lady Gaga:
You've got a great big heart,
It's at the top of my chart.
Lisa and Lady Gaga:
Lisa Simpson,
Lisa Simpson,
Lisa Simpson, superstar.
[repeat of Lisa and Lady Gaga's duo lines]
Lady Gaga:
You're a superstar.


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