"Super Slugfest" is a boxing game for both home console and arcade.


Homer and Bart both play Super Slugfest at home. Bart always beats Homer at the game, but Homer insists on playing, determined to win. After many defeats, Homer eventually goes to the Noiseland Video Arcade to play the game for practice. While there he gets Howard to train him — Howard makes him bark for it and calls him Fido[1], as he is the best at it. After his training, Homer verses Bart and is beating him. However, just before Homer is given the victory, Marge unplugs the television. Bart takes the opportunity and "retires" from video game boxing undefeated.[2]

Behind the Laughter

The two fighters loosely resemble Bart and Homer, one of the fighters is bald and the other had spiky hair. The referee is also similar in appearance to the human characters in Matt Groening's Life in Hell comics.

The name and type of game is a likely reference to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.