The Wreck of the Relationship
Super Franchise Me
Treehouse of Horror XXV
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  • The title parodies the 2004 documentary film Super Size Me by Morgan Spurlock.
  • During the sequence that replaced the couch gag, "Tea For The Tillerman" by Cat Stevens plays.
  • This episode has a similar plot to the Family Guy episode "Baking Bad".
  • The scene where Bart spills hot coffee on Homer's groin parodies McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit, where Stella Liebeck was awarded 2.9 million dollars when she suffered third-degree burns in her pelvic region after accidentally spilling hot coffee in her lap.
  • One of the areas of Flanders's house is the Beatles Bunker. In "The Bart of War," it's shown that Ned's a huge fan of the Beatles. 
  • Ned's line, "Got any more sockets in my pocket?," is a reference to the Doctor Seuss book, I've Got a Wocket in my Pocket.
  • Ned has Tom Selleck mustache flattener, referencing Magnum P.I. and Tom Selleck.
  • Ned's clock has 9,678 minutes to the rapture.
  • The first shot of the scene directly after Marge gets her original investment back is a reference to the painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by the French post-impressionist painter Georges Seurat. A portion of La Vie en rose plays at the beginning of this scene.
  • The reason Marge made the sandwiches was to use up Homer's meat. However, not all the sandwiches contained meat. In the scene with the laundry basket, wrapped sandwiches labeled "P.B." (peanut butter) and "PB&J" (peanut butter and jelly) are clearly visible.
  • At the end of the episode, Edna Krabappel is shown at the lake. She died in the previous season.
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