Wild Barts Can't Be Broken
Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
Homer to the Max


  • It is revealed that Moe's favorite NFL team is the Atlanta Falcons.
  • The chalkboard gag "I will not do the 'Dirty Bird'" is a reference to the touchdown dance done by then-Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson during the Falcons' 1998 season (which led them to a Super Bowl appearance).
  • Caricature artist Troy Aikman's line, "You like dune buggies? Everybody likes dune buggies!" is a reference to a similar line from a different artist drawing almost identical pictures in Season 4's "Lisa the Beauty Queen", "You like roller skating? Everybody likes roller skating!"
  • The Super Bowl commercial featuring three sexy women servicing a man's car had the line "The Catholic Church: We've Made a Few Changes" edited to "The Church: We've Made a Few Changes" in all reruns (and some overseas airings) due to complaints from The Catholic League, though the syndicated version has the original line (spoken and in closed captions). The uncut line is shown on the season 10 DVD set, but the subtitles/closed captions have the edited line instead.
  • The character Wally Kogen is a composite of two early Simpsons writers Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky.
  • This episode aired the same day Family Guy first premiered.
  • In the Gracie Film Logo Rupert Murduch shouts "Silence!".
  • The ad for the super bowl uses footage from Homer Loves Flanders, and "Football's Greatest Injuries" from Saturdays of Thunder, where the hand comes out of nowhere and snaps the guys neck. 

Cultural references

  • The title of this episode is a reference to—and a watered-down version of—the U2 song "Sunday Bloody Sunday".
  • The football coach in Homer's fantasy about going to the Super Bowl bears a striking similarity to Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry.
  • The use of Vincent Price in the phone message is a reference to a fake radio commercial for Coca-Cola that used sound bites of Vincent Price from his films.
  • In the Post Office, Krusty looks at a legends of Comedy poster an asks, "What has Fatty Arbuckle done that I haven't done?".
  • The appearance of a character named Rudy who wants to get on the bus with the others with the line "What I lack in size I make up for in obnoxiousness." is apparently a reference to, and commentary on the main character of, the film Rudy, with Sean Astin.


  • When Bart's class is on the field trip at the post office, at one point, Chuck is among the students seen there, but he isn't usually seen as part of Bart's class. It was a full-school field trip. This is evident, as Lisa was shown there.
  • Why didn't the fans kick Wally Kogan while being housed in the jail? He was the one responsible for getting the tickets, not Homer.
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