Summer of 4 Ft. 2
Treehouse of Horror VII



  • The last school day begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm, in some states, the last day of school is usually the whole day.
  • On Australian TV, the scene of Homer buying the risque personal items (the condoms, the porno mags, two enemas, some panty shields, and a bottle of Old Harper) to cover his tracks in buying illegal fireworks was cut, yet the scene of Marge picking through the bag and telling Homer, "Whatever you're planning to do tonight, count me out!" wasn't edited.
  • This episode was broadcast on the same day as the episode "Homerpalooza" on American TV.
  • When Milhouse sees Lisa in her cool persona, he remarks that she looks like Blossom. Coincidentally, fourteen years after this episode aired Blossom's actress Mayim Bialik, would be cast as The Big Bang Theory character Amy Farrah Fowler, who like Lisa is very intellectual and has a similar disappointing yearbook experience due to unpopularity like Lisa in this episode.
  • At the end of this episode, a Beach Boys song plays at the end credits and when the Gracie Films logo appears, the logo's music is played by a sax and it is a summer-like theme.
  • In the promotional image for this episode, Lisa's glasses have no or transparent lenses, but in the episode itself, they have purple lenses.
  • Homer's purchase of numerous erotic items sneaking in an illegal item in the dialogue is a parody of American Graffiti, in which a, underage character uses this tactic to try to buy alcohol.


  • When Lisa first meets the skater kids, she's wearing her glasses in one shot but they disappear in the next. Then they reappear in front of the library.
  • At Ned's beach house, there is a picture of Maude above the bed Lisa was sitting on. When the camera angle changes, the picture changes to a photo of Rod and Todd.
  • The last day of school is shown to be a full day. In real life the last day before summer vacation is usually notoriously short (sometimes as short as 20 minutes). As well schools tend to hand out yearbooks before the last day.
  • This episode was released after "I Love Lisa", so Ralph was already established as Lisa's friend.

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