Ned's unconvincing vampire impression
Use Video site about Ned Flanders
Real Website? No
First Appearance "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed" is a website that has humorous and/or embarrassing video clips of Ned Flanders, such as Ned doing a very unconvincing impression of a vampire: "Blaghhhh." It is likely that Homer is a regular contributor. He videos Ned doing something that he (Homer) considers to be silly and says, "That is going right on!"

It isn't known who actually owns the website. But because the name is and Homer has a habit of constantly referring to Ned as "Stupid Flanders," it is probable that Homer was at least involved in the site's creation. All the same,  actually admits to owning the website; it could have been created by anyone in Springfield..

Behind the Laughter

The website mentioned is called which is owned by 20th Century Fox but is not a live website. 

A fan website which is an unofficial website has been created However currently links to a page displaying the Ned Flanders as dracula video.


  1. Simp Episode – "The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed"