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"Stupid Flanders!" is one of Homer's catchphrases. He uses it in Little Big Mom when Flanders was shaking his butt in Homer's thought bubble.

It appears in some episodes. This was known as "Stupid Sexy Flanders". There have been some parodies of it. In Future-Drama, when flounder fish steal Homer's underwater patio set, he mutters "Stupid Flounders!".

In the The Wettest Stories Ever Told, in the story of the Mayflower, when Ned's ancestor, Ned Flandish introduces himself to Homer, he mutters "Stupid Flandish!".

In the The Princess Guide, when Richard Branson greets Mr. Burns in a manner of Ned, Burns angrily mutters "Stupid Branson!"


  • Fullerton, California Ska-punk band "Stupid Flanders" takes their name from this catchphrase.