Strupo is a "crushingly-addictive" caper-based liqueur made on the island of Isla Verde. It is a viscous green liquid.

Strupo statue

Known as "The Grey Troll", The "Brine of Madness" and "Angel's Urine", it is popular amongst Isla Verde's artist community. It supposedly causes olfactory hallucinations, gender confusion, and "wandering mouth". Strupo's nihilistic slogan is "lose everything".


Strupo is a parody of Absinthe, a wormwood-based liqueur popular with 19th Century artists. Drinkers commenting on its stimulant effect describe it as being "wakefully drunk." Known as the "Green Fairy", it was rumored to be poisonous and make those who consumed it vividly hallucinate and eventually go mad. It was due to its alleged deleterious effects and rampant addictiveness that forced it to be banned in the United States and most of Europe.

The text, logo, and advertising artwork for Strupo is a parody of 19th Century French and European liquor advertisements.


Strupo Statue Tapped Out

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