With a name this bad, we've got to be good!
―Their motto.[src]

Stinking Fish Realty is a realty agency.

History Edit

When Marge and Homer were first married, they lived in an apartment with baby (later, toddler) Bart. After Marge became pregnant with Lisa, they looked for a larger home for their growing family, and Stinking Fish Realty was the agency they worked with. Homer and Marge visited and rejected several houses, including:

  • A house in a run-down neighborhood that had just been the scene of a murder (the agent said it had "just come on the market"). Gunfire echoed through the neighborhood when the Simpsons saw the house. Inside, police officers were investigating, there was a body-shaped chalk outline on the floor, and on one wall someone had painted "I'LL BE BACK" in blood-red letters that were still dripping wet.
  • A house in a nicer neighborhood that was in beautiful condition. The agent tried to sell Homer and Marge on the house's hardwoord floors and track lighting, but Marge noticed a stench and opened the drapes, revealing that the house was next to a rendering plant. The Simpsons kept looking, even though Homer liked the smell ("Mmm... hog fat").
  • The Sea Captain's houseboat (the Captain interrupted his sales pitch to fight a great white shark).
  • A house that was full of cats. The cats' deceased owner had willed the house to the cats; the realty agent told Marge and Homer that they would actually be the cats' tenants. (Years later, when the kids heard the story, Lisa said she wished they lived in the "kitty house", and Bart said he could have trained the cats to be his "unholy army of the night".)

Finally, the Stinking Fish Realty agent showed 742 Evergreen Terrace to Marge and Homer. They liked the house, purchased it (thanks to Grampa's contributing the proceeds from the sale of his old home), and moved in, thus making 742 Evergreen Terrace the Simpson family home.

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