Steamboat Itchy is a cartoon starring Itchy & Scratchy. Made in 1928. It was the first cartoon to star both Itchy and Scratchy together.


It is essentially a parody of Steamboat Willie. Itchy (In the Mickey Mouse role) whistles on a steamboat. Than Scratchy (as Pete role) whistles too. Then Itchy shoots Scratchy's legs off at the knees with a Tommy Gun and shoving his head in the furnace. It then ends with an iris on Scratchy's burned head. Than Itchy says "oh me oh my".


  • Whilst drawing the Steamboat Itchy sequence, the animators jokingly referred to it as "Steamboat Lawsuit". David Silverman explained that he did not know "why [they] weren't sued because there's a shot right out of Steamboat Willie in [the episode]."[1]
  • This version of Itchy is among the spectators who laugh at young Mr. Burns in Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus.


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