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This grant ensures a light bulb in every classroom... and a high-definition TV for the teachers' lounge.
―State Comptroller Atkins[src]
State Comptroller Atkins
Sex Male
Status Alive
Hair Brown
Occupation State Comptroller
Relatives None
First Appearance "Lisa Gets an "A""
Voiced By Karl Wiedergott

State Comptroller Atkins is the school comptroller for Springfield's State.

History Edit

He was sent to deliver the basic assistance grant Springfield Elementary earned after Lisa cheating on a test brought the school's GPA up to the state's minimum requirement. In fact, he was initially impersonated by Otto, who wore a latex mask. He also moderated the elementary school band competition at the state fair.[1] <p sab="489">He planned to give Lisa the unusually large good sportsmanship award until he heard her call the first-placed band "cheaters" for using glowsticks in their performance, at which point he said, "Now I'm just going to be sick." In the epiosode "We're on the road to D'ohwhere", he joins superintendent charmers and principal skinner over skype when bart misbehaves and they are there to issue consequences. <p sab="489">He might or might not be Canadian as when he claimed to be, he was actually Otto in disguise. He was also seen rioting after getting trapped in the dome during Trappuccino.[2]

Behind the laughter Edit

Comptroller Atkins is named after assistant to the producers Jacqueline Atkins.

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