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Stanley Simpson

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Stanley Simpson
Sex Male
Hair Brown
Occupation Shoots Birds at the Airport
Relatives Great-Uncles: Abraham Simpson, Hubert Simpson, Chetl Simpson and Cyrus Simpson

Great-Aunts: Hortense Simpson,Mona Simpson

Father: Frank Simpson
1st Cousins Once Removed: Homer Simpson, Herbert Powell, Abbie Simpson
Second Cousins: Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson
Grandfather: Bill Simpson
Great-Grandfather: Orville Simpson
Great-Grandmother: Yuma Hickman

First Appearance Lisa the Simpson
Voiced By Dan Castellaneta

Stanley Simpson is the second cousin of the Simpson children, who appears when Homer tries to show Lisa how successful the Simpsons are. He shoots birds at the airport. In the image to the right he wears a red jacket and stands just above Lisa's head. On the Simpsons cast poster his hair was mistakenly changed to black.

Relatives Edit

Given the fact that he is described as a second cousin of Lisa, it is obvious that he is the grandson of one of Abe's brothers.

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