Springfield Sperm Bank is a sperm bank in Springfield.


After Selma had a couple of bad dates in her efforts to have a baby, Lisa suggested that she try artificial insemination. Selma visited the sperm bank and talked with a doctor. Selma asked how she could be sure she would get quality sperm, and the doctor reassured her that the sperm bank's donors had to pass a rigorous screening process. The reassurance rang hollow, however, when Selma saw Barney going to the nurse's desk and drunkenly saying "All done!" as he handed her a sample cup. Right after that, Barney saw a baby boy in the room and said "What a beautiful little girl!" The baby then burped with Barney's characteristic belch.

After her visit, Selma took home a catalog of the clinic's donors, titled 101 Frozen Pops. She was determined to have a baby via artificial insemination, but before she had a chance to go through with it, she ended up taking Bart and Lisa to Duff Gardens, and that experience convinced her that she wasn't ready to be a parent.