Springfield Soccer Stadium is a sports stadium in Springfield where usually peewee football teams play.


Bart and his friends played soccer there. After the game, Bart waited for Homer to pick him up. However, Homer totally forgot to do it. Bart was left alone as a storm came and was even hit by a flash. Despite of many occurrences, Homer hadn't been able to remember what he was supposed to do until he had a dream about seeing Bart's skeleton on a soccer field. He quickly rushed out to pick up very angry Bart and tried to put the issue behind them. But Bart was not buying. [1]

Lisa's team were going to play a soccer here, but Krusty told them that they didn't have a referee so the game had been canceled. Then Homer wore a referee clothes and became the new ref, but his low skills frustrated Lisa. Then, stung by her criticism, he learned the rules of soccer and became a better referee, briefly impressing Lisa. However, Lisa soon started flopping. Ronaldo once came to a match to point out what Lisa was doing. Homer gave her a yellow card and then a red card for bad sportsmanship when she ripped the yellow card. Lisa cried out that she hated Homer and was taken out of the game. Ronaldo that said that he broke up another family and cheered up. [2]