Springfield mayoral election, 1994
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1992 2005
336px-Sideshow Bob Joeq
Robert Terwilliger Joe Quimby
Republican Democratic
100% 1%
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Joe Quimby - Democrat Robert Terwilliger - Republican

The Springfield mayoral election resulted in the defeat of Mayor Joe Quimby and his brief replacement by Republican, former television personality and twice attempted murderer Robert "Sideshow Bob" Terwilliger. Due to massive voter fraud on Terwilliger's part, he was forced to vacate the office and returned to prison.


Candidates fought ferociously for the senior citizens vote, which dominates local politics because few other people vote. Incumbent mayor Quimby did this by promising to build an expressway and naming it after Matlock. Terwilliger then one-uped him by promising to do the same, and to listen to all the old folks' problems.


When Robert Terwilliger won with 100% of the vote to quimby's 1%, there was much suspicion by a specefic few, most notably Lisa Simpson. She eventually uncovers that almost every vote for Terwilliger was cast by a dead person (or animal). Terwilliger was re-incarcerated and Quimby reinstated as mayor after only a brief interlude.