Springfield Mayoral Election, 1986
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1984 1988
Joeq Exmayor2
Joe Quimby Former-Mayor
Democratic presumed Republican
61% 39%
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Mary Bailey - Independent Democrat Joe Quimby - Democrat

The Springfield Mayoral election of 1986 was the first of many won by current mayor Joe Quimby. He was likely elected on the coattails of outgoing and very popular mayor Mary Bailey, who was also a Democrat. Bailey had not run for reelection because she was running for governor (She won the election). It is likely that, even though his predecessor was popular, Quimby did not run unopposed. It is very rare for a candidate to run unopposed for their first term, regardless as to the office. Therefore, the most likely person to run against him is the only other known Springfieldian politician, now known as the Former-Mayor.

It would have been held on the same date as theSpringfield's State's Gubernatorial election of 1986.