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Entertainment District (Simpsons Road Rage)
Springfield Dam (Simpsons Road Rage)
Nuclear Power Plant (Simpsons Road Rage)
Edna Krabappel: (Shakily) J-jittery Joe's, please!

Otto Mann: Jazz station please! Hey, a man can't live on Heavy Metal alone!

Reverend Lovejoy: Rancho Relaxo, please! What? Did you think the good Lord alone kept this face smiling?

Jasper Beardly: Home the Mildly Interesting? Meh, this better be good.

Seymour Skinner: Springfield Dam, please. I'm thinking of jumping off.

Chief Wiggum: Take me to the Mayor's house. How come I don't get a house?

Krusty the Clown: Rancho Relaxo, please. I need a schickza.

Marge Simpson: I'm so tired of all this rushing around; take me to Rancho Relaxo!

Bumblebee Man: Rancho Relaxo, por favor!

Squeaky-Voiced Teen: Jittery Joe's! As fast as you can!

Mayor Quimby: Can you please take me to my fabulous mansion?

Mayor Quimby: Can you take me to the Stonecutters' Lodge? So we can chart the course of World Events.

Apu: Please take me to "Jazz Radio Station".