Springfield Atoms Stadium is a luxury stadium where the Springfield Atoms play. Lisa said even though she lay down in front of bulldozers to stop the development of the stadium, it's pretty sweet. It has a sushi bar, a 60-screen cinema, a museum of tolerance, a day spa, a zoo with all the mascots of teams in the NFL and even an arts district dwelling football-hating people. It also has retractable opening roofs and a large jumbotron above the field. It is thought to have replaced the Duff Beer, Krusty Burger, Buzz Cola, Costington's Department Store, Kwik-E-Mart and Duff Beer Krusty Burger Buzz Cola Costington's Department Store Kwik-E-Mart Stupid Flanders Park.

The design of the stadium is similar to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX, where the NFL's Dallas Cowboys play.