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Springfield Aquarium is an aquarium in Springfield. There motto is "Dead Fish Skimmed Daily."


  • They have three walruses that are fed in front of the guests.
  • They have an exhibit called "Wonders of the Gulf Coast."
  • There is a video about Arctic sea lions.
  • There is a penguin habitat. The penguins fly when no one is looking.
  • There is a Pacific habitat, which is being remodeled. The fish (including a whale) are kept in plastic bags in their storage facility.
  • There is a tank where visitors can see some of the most exotic species of the coral reef, including a giant clam, which Bart Simpson uses to moon his class, which mistakes his butt for pearls.
  • There are also some smaller tanks, which have other fish, including: the moray eel, the sea bass (which resembles Homer) and several sharks, including a hammerhead.



  • The aquarium used to serve beer - they stopped after a drunk Homer Simpson got into a fight with an octopus.
  • In A Fish Called Selma it was rumoured that Troy McClure had sex with fish in the Aquarium.

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