Springfield's State's Gubernatorial election, 1990
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1986 1994
Gov 222Two Cars
Mary Bailey Charles Montgomery Burns
Independent Democrat Republican
94.1% (est.) 5.9% (est.)
Independent Hold

The Springfield's States Gubernatorial Election determined who would become the Highest Executive of Springfield's State. An election was near and Governor Bailey chose to defend her seat. She was challenged by Charles Montgomery Burns. Mary Bailey won reelection.


The campaign season started with Bailey having a significant lead, but the Burns campaign gained momentum as the election neared. Come the day before the election, a photo-op dinner was scheduled with a "working-class family," which was held at the Simpsons home. At this event, Burns was served a fish that he had previously claimed was delicious (and not a byproduct of horrible mutation by his nuclear power plant), which he refused to eat. Burns was humiliated, and on the next day the state voted almost unanimously for Bailey.

Bailey Burns
1st poll 61% (est.) 6%
2nd poll 55% (est.) 22%
3rd poll 40% (est.) 42%
4th poll 50% 50%
5th poll 49% 51%
Election Total 94.1% (est.) 5.9% (est.)