Married to the Blob
Specs and the City
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Homer: Marmaduke was horrible today! Also, Marge is in therapy, and she didn't even tell me.
Moe: Whoa! She crossed a line. How did you find out?
Homer: Spied on her with a hidden camera! She thinks I'm selfish, She thinks I don't spend enough time with the kids!
Moe: Well, that's crazy. Come on, you work your butt off in a radioactive hellhole, and what do you get? Not one lousy superpower.
Homer: I guess the only choice is to come clean with her and tell her what I know, and how I know.
Moe: Whoa whoa, bad idea, no no!! Chicks do not like finding out they're being spied on. I speak from looooooooooooooong experience. No, you got to make it seem like you found out by accident there. Hum... ooh! Next week you schedule an appointment with the therapist after hers, and then you bump into Midge in the waiting room there.
Homer: Moe, that's great! How do you get your ideas?
Moe: Pretty much all my friends are divorced guys.

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