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Specs and the City

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Married to the Blob
Specs and the City
Specs and the City
Specs and the City
Episode Number 541
Production Code SABF06
Original Airdate January 26th, 2014
Chalkboard Gag None
Couch Gag Super Bowl XLVIII couch gag
Special Guest Voices Will Lyman
Written By Brian Kelley
Directed By Lance Kramer

Specs and the City is the eleventh episode of Season 25. It aired on January 26th, 2014.


Mr. Burns gives all employees augmented reality glasses (a parody of Google Glass) to spy on them. Homer then uses them to spy on people and discovers that Marge sees a marriage counselor in secret. Nelson makes Bart find him the best Valentine's Day gift, but if Bart doesn't succeed in his task Nelson is going to force feed him to an electric pencil sharpener. [1]

Full StoryEdit

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It starts with a Christmas flashback from 2013,Homer decorates his tree while singing a song. Mr Burns gives Homer and the power plant workers oogle goggles, little do they know that they are being spied on by Mr Burns through the specs.


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