"Spay Anything" is an episode of The Itchy & Scratchy Show.



Scratchy is walking in front of Itchy's Cat Hospital. He sees a smiling and waving Itchy standing in front of a sign that says "We Pay Your Pet $75." Scratchy enters the hospital, and Itchy steps away from the sign, revealing that it really says "We Spay Your Pet $75."

Two bulldog orderlies strap Scratchy to a table. Itchy turns on the spaying machine -- a laser -- and leaves the room. A laser beam shoots out of the machine, working its way up the table toward Scratchy's crotch. Accompanied by the James Bond theme music, Scratchy stretches his tongue across the room to the wall outlet, unplugging the machine in the nick of time. Scratchy sighs in relief, but Itchy returns to the room and plugs the machine back in. The laser re-activates and slices Scratchy to pieces.


Lisa finds the cartoon to be very funny, but Bart, who has been receiving threatening letters that turn out to be from his arch-nemesis, Sideshow Bob, is scared stiff.

Deleted Scene

In a deleted scene shown on the DVD, Itchy sews Scratchy back together, then gives Scratchy the medical bill. After Scratchy sees the bill, he shoots himself.


  • This is one of Matt Groening's favorite Itchy & Scratchy cartoons.