Soylent Green is a food product made out of the remains of deceased humans.


The euthanasia center is a place where they turn bodies into Soylent Green.[1]


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  • In a future where Bart and Ralph have an unsuccessful band (and Lisa has been elected President of the United States), Homer offers Ralph some Soylent Green, which causes Ralph to ask, "Isn't that made of people?"[2]
  • In a scene that takes place forty years in the future, Homer and Bart (who has become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) attend a "Classics of Animation" showing of The Itchy & Scratchy Movie, and as they walk by the snack bar, another moviegoer is overheard ordering Soylent Green.[3]

Behind the Laughter

  • Soylent Green is a fictional food that was the subject of the movie with the same title.
  • On The Simpsons, Soylent Green is a running gag that has appeared or been referred to on several occasions, mostly in non-canon settings such as "Treehouse of Horror" episodes, or scenes or episodes that take place in the future.