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A reference to South Park in "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?".

South Park is an American animated television program created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone for Comedy Central. It has been airing since 1997.

South Park references in The Simpsons

Milhouse and Bart are watching a spoof of South Park in the episode The Bart of War.

There's a South Park spoof in "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?", where Bart is dressed as Stan, Milhouse as Kyle, Nelson as Eric, and Ralph as Kenny. Otto hits Ralph with the school bus and exclaims "Oh my God, I killed Kenny!". But then Milhouse corrected him by saying "No you hit Ralph", but Otto told them that "I killed Kenny yesterday!". That's a reference to a recurring gag in the South Park series.

In Gorgeous Grampa, during Mr. Burns' song, he mentions Eric Cartman and shows his shadow.

The Blackboard gag from the episode The Squirt and the Whale is "South Park - We'd stand beside you if we weren't so scared", a reference to the controversy of the South Park episode 201.

The couch gag for the episode The Cad and the Hat, featured Homer going to different animated shows to look for the family sailboat painting. One of the shows was South Park and the four main boys started cussing out at him, with everything they said, being bleeped out. At the end of the gag, Marge let out another censored profanity, brick joking the South Park reference.

The Simpsons references in South Park

The episode The Simpsons Already Did It is a complete spoof of The Simpsons. On the episode, Butters Stotch tries to create panic on South Park with his plans, but his sidekick, Dougie points out that all of his plans were already done in The Simpsons. These plans include:

The secondary plot is based on "The Genesis Tub" sketch from the episode Treehouse of Horror VII, where Eric Cartman accidentally creates inteligent sea creatures and they start worshiping him as a God, but another group of lifeforms start worshiping Tweek as a God and they battle against each other until they destroy the entire tank.

During Cartoon Wars Part II, a two parter episode mocking Family Guy, a character resembling Bart Simpson appears.



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