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Snowball Simpson

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Snowball Simpson
Snowball V
Species Cat (bombay)
Gender Female
Status Template:Unknown
Color Black
Owner Current: Simpson family (Lisa)
Former: Crazy Cat Lady
Temporary: Mrs. Dexter
Relatives The Simpsons family, Snowball II (possibly)
First Appearance "I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot"
Voiced by Dan Castellaneta

Snowball Simpson, commonly referred to as Snowball II, is the Simpsons' fifth cat and looks exactly the same as the original Snowball II, who died when a truck hit her. The Crazy Cat Lady throws the cat at Lisa while she is mourning the deaths of the other cats that she kept (Snowball III and Coltrane). She and Santa's Little Helper are the two current pets of the Simpson family.

Biography Edit


Lisa and Snowball

After the Crazy Cat Lady throws the cat at her feet saying that she doesn't wan't it anymore, Lisa tells it to leave, because any cat that she owns is unlucky and is certain to be killed. As the cat starts to cross Evergreen Terrace, Gil drives by in his car. Gil swerves to miss the cat, hits a tree, and his car bursts into flames, which means that Gil will be able to use the insurance money to buy food. Since the cat is unhurt, Lisa takes it as a sign of good luck and adopts her.[1]

Lisa keeps snowball V

Lisa decides to keep Snowball

Lisa renames Snowball "Snowball II," in her words, "to save money on a new dish." She also vows to pretend the whole thing never happened (i.e., two adopted cats dying in quick succession). Principal Skinner, who happens to be walking by and overhears Lisa talking to the cat, asks "Isn't that a cheat?", to which Lisa replies "I guess it is, Principal Tamzarian" (referring to when he admitted he was not the real Seymour Skinner, while knowing that the citizen's of Springfield should never speak of that again).[2]

The cat later becomes overweight after abandoning the Simpsons for brief periods to visit a different family. At the other family's house, she is fed, taught tricks and given the name "Smokey".[3]

There is suspicion that Snowball V is in fact Snowball II, but there is no proof, except for that she looks like an exact replica. She may even be related to her or an identical twin.


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