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Snowball is a white male cat who isn't alive and only briefly appeared in a flashback, but has been mentioned numerous times. He was the Simpsons's first cat and was two years old when he died.


Snowball I was first mentioned in a Christmas letter Marge was writing where she explains that Snowball I had died that year[1].

Snowball 1

White Snowball I

Snowball was, according to Lisa in a poem, run over by a Chrysler. At a later point it emerged that Snowball was run over by Clovis Quimby, drunkard brother of Mayor Quimby (in a parody of what could be any of the Kennedy brothers, Roger Clinton, Jr., or even Billy Carter).[2] Snowball was buried in the cemetery in the Pet Cemetery, which is next to Antonio's ice palace. However, at one time, his grave was seen in the Simpsons's backyard, next to Snowball 4's grave [3].

Snowball has been shown as black in some pictures; however, he is generally seen as white. Snowball was so named due to his white-colored fur, though in a few occasions, Snowball I is pictured similar to Snowball II. Snowball II's name is an obvious use of irony. Snowball's eye color is green.

Snowball 1 in heaven

Snowball I in Heaven

Snowball I portrait

Black Snowball I's portrait

Snowball frozen

Snowball frozen

Life After Death

Although the Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Albright, tells Lisa that Snowball cannot go to Heaven, this proves to be wrong as Snowball has been seen in Heaven by characters who have undergone near-death experiences, including Bart, and sometimes in flashback sequences. He was listed as voting for Sideshow Bob in mayoral elections.

Treehouse of Horror

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In Treehouse of Horror III, Bart and Lisa try to bring back Snowball I using a zombie spell in the pet cemetery, but inadvertently awaken the human corpses in the nearby Springfield Cemetery.

Behind the Laughter

Many Simpsons books are jokingly dedicated to him. For example, in The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family (in which she is mistakenly colored black), the dedication reads, "We hope that they change your cat box in kitty heaven more often than we did down here." In The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror: Fun-Filled Frightfest, published by HarperCollins in 2003, the more morbid dedication reads "We're sorry you're gone. You would have made a tasty Hors d’œuvre." Also, The Simpsons Holiday Humdinger, published by the same company in 2004, says, "As this snow sculpture thaws on the first warm day, so will our hearts melt whenever we think of you." A passage in Cartooning With the Simpsons, published by Scholastic, reads, "Dedicated to the memory of Snowball I: You may be gone, but we still remember how to draw you." Many other Simpsons books are dedicated to her, but the dedications ceased in 2005.