Slaughter House is the place where cows are slaughtered and processed into meat products in Springfield. It is located next to the feed lot, Abbattoir & Costello LLC.. The Slaughter House is carried out by automated machinery that speaks with Tress MacNeille's voice.


The Simpson family took Homer to a place where he never bothered them again. Homer was scared because he didn't know where exactly are they driving. He had thought it could be the Mental Institution, Slaughter House and Santa's Village before he understood that it was to the The Rolling Stones Rock N' Roll Fantasy Camp.

After Homer pretended to be Bart's cow Lou, he was taken into the Slaughter House. However, he didn't see all of the sign and thought he was being taken to a "Laughter House". When he learned the truth, he could not call Marge to pick him up because she turned her cellphone off. He was almost killed, but fortunately, Marge saved him hitting the emergency stop button on the machinery.

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