Sky1 Artwork

Sky One artwork with Homer eating a donut shaped like the "1" in "Sky1"

Sky One

Current Sky One logo (2017-present)

Sky One is a British digital satellite television broadcasting channel that broadcasts numerous episodes of The Simpsons every day since September 1990. It is operated by Sky plc, and it usually broadcasts them before any other British TV channel (both digital satellite and terrestrial) and has recently started to get episodes four years before other channels in the United Kingdom.

Sky One has also had an episode broadcasted before any other channel in the world. "In the Name of the Grandfather" was aired on Saint Patrick's Day 2009, before it was broadcasted in the United States.

The Simpsons 20th Anniversary

In January 2010, the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons was a big year for Sky One. They had released a few behind the scenes episodes as well as getting many celebrities to talk about the show in the adverts.

Sky One also had released an ident named "Slaughter is the Best Medicine". This was basically an Itchy & Scratchy episode.